Vegan Cookie Box

Vegan Cookie Box

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Vegan Cookies get a bad rep. Dumb Dough Vegan Cookies get nothing but APPLAUSE.  In this box of EPICness, you get 3 of our CHONKY 6-8oz Cookies (4x the size of a standard Cookie):


1x Dumb Dough Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie

Our Classic Brown sugar Cookie base, stuffed with delicious Belgian semi-sweet Chocolate Chips and studded with buttery Walnut pieces.


1x Dumb Dough The Brookie

1/2 Classic Brown sugar Base, 1/2 Brownie base. Both bases are FULL of Cookies N Creme Cookie pieces (Oreos), delicious Belgian semi-sweet Chocolate Chips and the best part- a Hazelnut Chocolate core. It's the best of, not just both worlds, ALL THE WORLDS.


1x Brownie Batter Biscoff

Our rich Cocoa Cookie base, studded with ooey gooey Belgian semi-sweet Chocolate Chips, a golden Lotus Biscoff core and topped with a Lotus Biscoff Crumble. When this baby is warmed to perfection, it's exactly like a gooey, fudgy Brownie. Perfection, right?




  • Allergen Info

    Our Vegan cookies do not directly contain any animal products. They are prepared, stored, baked and packaged separately from our non-Vegan Cookie products. However, it is important to note that NONE of our Vegan Cookies are suitable for people allergic to Dairy or Eggs or indeed ANY of our non-Vegan ingredients due to the risk of Cross Contamination. Please also read our Non-Vegan Allergens to ensure our Vegan cookies are safe for you to eat. Full list of Ingredients available here. 

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